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Prayer card from Jennifer

19 January 2012

7 January marked 476 years since the death of Queen Katharine of Aragon.  The last weekend of this month, the people of Peterborough – Catholic and Anglican alike – will commemorate her death with two days of events and mass said by the Catholic clergy in Peterborough Cathedral near her grave.  I am unfortunately, not able to attend, but I encourage all who can to make the journey.  For any who make it here is a prayer to her that can be said at her tomb.  A signer of the petition for Good Queen Katharine’s cause took the revised prayer I wrote and made a prayer card.  I have attached it here and thank Jennifer B. most sincerely for her kind contribution.

I encourage all who support the cause to say this prayer to Good Queen Katharine; the model of faith.

Thanks to all who have reached out to me and been so kind and supportive of this cause.  I hope this year to make more contacts that will help further her cause.  All comments and suggestions are always welcome.

God bless you as I remain

Yours in faith,


jennifer b’s Katherine of Aragon prayer card

Katharine of Aragon’s cause makes InfoCatolica

On May 26th, an article by Juanjo Romero on the Queen Katharine’s cause appeared in InfoCatolica, a Spanish Catholic news site (http:infocatolica.com).


My deepest thanks to Mr. Romero for reaching out and publishing the first article about Good Queen Katharine’s cause in her homeland.  Spain is a key in this process.  I pray the Spanish people will embrace and promote her cause.

Good Queen Katharine, Pray for Us.


Catalina de Aragón, ¿santa y patrona de …

Good Queen Katharine makes the American Spectator

I don’t often update the journal because there has not been a tremendous amount to update.  I know that I posted information regarding Christina White’s article in the March 24th edition of the Catholic Herald U.K.  That was a godsend to me.  And now, another godsend has come along in the form of noted author and journalist, Thomas J. Craughwell who contacted me a month ago.  He has written an article on the cause for Good Queen Katharine that will appear in Reality, the Redemptorist magazine in Ireland sometime in the next month or two.  In the meantime, the American Spectator has his piece on their blog today.  Please check it out:


If you can’t click on the link, please cut and paste it to your web browser and it will take you to the main page.  Scroll down until you see Queen Katharine’s portrait and the title:  An American Saint-Maker.  The amount of information and time Tom has spent promoting this cause is humbling to me.  Until Christina contacted me and wrote her wonderful article I felt very isolated.  But God apparently has a plan for Katharine because He continues to send these wonderful people my way to help.  I am deeply grateful for their kindness and generosity.  These are people who live many, many miles from me and yet, I have made two new wonderful friends who share my love for Queen Katharine and belief in her cause.  Please pray for Christina, Tom and me for continued guidance on the journey to having Good Queen Katharine recognized at last.  And please check Tom’s works out on Amazon.  He has written some wonderful books.

Good Queen Katharine, Pray for Us.






Catholic Herald

Good Queen Katharine makes the Catholic Herald U.K

Perhaps the most remarkable part of my experience on the road to Rome via Aragon these last two years has been witnessing what prayer and faith can do. Specifically to this cause, a lovely young woman, named Christina White, who is the Director of Friends at Westminster Cathedral in London, contacted me to say how happy she was that this cause was being pursued. She got permission from the Catholic Herald U.K. to write an article that appeared in the March 25, 2011 issue and that I am including here with the editor’s permission. My prayers and faith in this cause resulted in Christina contacting me, writing the article and the article being published. This is an extraordinary turn of events because awareness of Good Queen Katharine’s cause can only be realized through the modern methods of print and electronic media and through this website. These tools will help to create the grassroots movement necessary for the cause to formally be entered into the Church by the Bishop of East Anglia.

And what is more extraordinary for me in this recent turn of events is that I formally began pursuit of this cause on Ash Wednesday 2009 with early disappointing results. And yet, two Lenten seasons later, I believe it’s safe to say that her cause is picking up speed and will continue to do so. I am certain this cause was meant to be. More happily and heartening for me, have been all the wonderful people who have contacted me, given their support through their signatures, sent encouraging e-mails and offered their prayers. To suddenly have the prayers of so many people and to have friends in faith – is a miracle.

For all who visit this site, I wish you a blessed Lenten journey filled with the Light of Jesus and the hope of the Resurrection. God bless you all.

Yours in Faith,

Good Queen Katharine, Pray for Us!

kofa article cropped

The Road to Aragon

The Road to Aragon

I don’t know that I would call the journey to this the website a pilgrimage, however, it certainly has been a journey of faith, passion and love.  And although the website is now a reality, it is only the beginning of the true journey towards making Queen Katharine’s cause a reality.

It began several years ago, when I subscribed to the Magnificat and learned of the List of English Martyrs.  It was that list that made me think there was a way to recognize Queen Katharine’s life as a truly holy person because my first thought was, “why isn’t she on the list? I put a small copy of Michael Sittow’s famous portrait of the young Katharine of Aragon in my missal and from there I worked on a position paper making my case for her inclusion on the List.

I sent my paper.  I never heard back so I told my parish priest.  He immediately sent my paper to two local priests who were scholars in church history.  Not only did they immediately respond, but both were very generous with their time and help; giving me suggestions that I took in revising the paper.  They were encouraging and saw Queen Katharine’s cause as legitimate.  I then wrote the Bishop of East Anglia who is the bishop of the diocese where she died, who also responded immediately and was very supportive.  And then I wrote the newly installed Archbishop of Westminster, who had a priest respond to me whose expertise was in the English Recusancy. He intimated that the Archbishop enjoyed the paper as did he.  All of these men never said, “forget it”.  However, they all made it clear that for any cause to be put forth formally, there had to be enough interest and devotion to that person.  So, all of the correspondence and the support given, has brought me to this moment. I look forward to hearing from people and hope that this journey will eventually lead us to the goal of gaining some form of recognition, by The Church, for Good Queen Katharine.

On this, the feast of St. John Eudes who was largely responsible for initiating and popularizing devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, least us ask his help in promoting the cause of Good Queen Katharine who was devoted to our Blessed Mother.

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