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Join the Cause

If you have journeyed this far I hope that means you believe in Queen Katharine’s cause. In order for a cause to be promoted it must be put forth by the bishop of the diocese in which the person died; in this case, the Bishop of East Anglia. A grassroots movement of interested parties is the initial justification a bishop needs to begin the process formally. I don’t know that there is a magic number of names needed, however, I do believe that if a significant number of people sign this petition, the Bishop of East Anglia will be compelled to take some form of action towards the process. Many causes are a result of a groundswell of support based on faith in a holy person’s life. I hope you will join me in helping place Queen Katharine of Aragon – Good Queen Katharine – among the Blessed.


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Roger Mraz,

gregory nassif st. john,

I support a process to look into reasons, if any, for excluding KofA from the martyrs list and exploring the possibility of adding her name to those already so honored.

Jeffrey D. Sowder,
I support a process to look into reasons, if any, for excluding KofA from the martyrs list and exploring the possibility of adding her name to those already so honored.

my prayers are with you in this blessed endeavor.

Catharine \'Cate Lode,
I most definatley support this most worthy cause.

I am not Catholic, but if anyone suffered for their beliefs it was her. I have always admired her.

I am in support of this most imporant cause.

I enthusiastically support this cause, as I have always been inspired by Katharine's remarkable story. God bless you, and this quest to finally pay respect to one of England's finest queens.

For many years now I have considered Katherine a saint and have asked her intercession. I think her story is one many a Catholic can relate to now.

Maureen O\'Brien,
It is about time!!!!!

This would be a spiritual and historical justice to the memory of a saintly queen. The Vatican has beatified the Emperor Karl of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. So, why not start a process on behalf of Katherine of Aragon?

A good queen who clearly deserves posthumous honour.

jen simon,

A great queen, a great woman and a model of Christian life. Hopefully someday we venerate in the catalog of the blessed, with his mother, Queen Isabel the Catholic.

Katherine Rickards,
I think that this is long overdue!

Katherine of Aragon was a woman of immense faith and devoted herself to trying to live a truly Christian, truly Catholic life. She was totally in awe of the Church and the Sacraments and took her vocation as wife, mother and queen very seriously. No matter what came her way (and, as you pointed out, she had more than her fair share of tragedy and heart ache) she NEVER let that destroy or comprimise her relationship with God.

I wish you luck in this, you certainly have my full support and prayers!

I believe that the great Queen Catherine of Aragon for her piety, faith, compassion and sacrifice deserves to be considered a martyr

As a convert Catholic of well over 50 years' standing & living in Spain for over 40 years, I am a firm believer that Katherine of Aragon's sanctity should be recognised by Holy Mother the Church. In honesty and justice to a truly pious and brave Daughter of the Church!

Charity B.,
If anyone was dedicated to her faith, it was Katharine of Aragon. I consider her a martyr, since it is through her mistreatment at her refusal to acknowledge Henry as higher than Papal authority and her refusal to grant a divorce that led to her unfortunate death in miserable circumstances.

Leslie Welter IV,
I believe that Queen Katharine has all the qualities and virtues of a true and inspirational saint. Please consider her cause. Kindest regards,

Ille Kaglik,

From the young country of Argentina, I believe that Katherine of Aragon has all the qualities and virtues of a true saint of our holy church. She lived and died as a Saint...


Long overdue.

Jonathan Partington,

David Palmer,

Sean Brennan,

Benedict Carter,

John Charmley,
As a Catholic in the diocese of East Anglia, I hope that our next bishop might be inspired to support the cause of this great confessor for the Faith. John

Daphne McLeod,
Then I hope they go on to canonise her daughter, Good Queen Mary!

Gail Callahan,
A wonderful role model in faith and charity.

She was a great woman of Faith and courage and a great moral example for nowadays Christians of all denominations and even for non Christians.

robyn Acosta,
a great role model for all.her befall is due to the kings womanizing ways not to her own fault of course

David S. Guerrant,

Mary Pettifor,
Catherine of Aragon is a wonderful example for wives of today in difficult marriages. I am delighted with this worthy initiative.

Marla Jane Silvey,

Kimberly Massey,
I have loved Katharine since I first read about her as a 6th grade student. I certainly hope the Church canonizes her. Her virtue seems heroic to her.

Katharine is for our present time with so many divorces. I will start praying to Katharine for my daughter and her husband who are getting a divorce.

Francis Slobodnik,
Katherine suffered a horrible dry martyrdom of persecution. She remained faithful to the Church her entire life.

Pierre Lamoureux,

Pavel Stastny,


Yes, I believe in Queen Katharine's cause. What she endured from a psychologically abusive husband is great suffering.

Linnea Esberg,

Andriana Delevich,

Fr Bede Rowe,

Janet Russell,
Her tenacious faith in the face of injustice and cruelty should be an example to us all. She should be ainspiration to all women in her position. Cast off, abandoned and deprived of her social position at the whim of a godless state. Truely a white martyr



Grace Lape,

Richard meredith,
In the beginning Katherine was the most powerful Consort in English history and ran the Kingdom during Henry's absences abroad. At her death she did not think about her loss of power rather the fate of Catholic England and the faithful Clergy and People who belonged to the One True Catholic Church.

Thomas J. Craughwell,

Samuel Baker,

Bridie Macmahon,

Fr Alexander Redman,
I have long supported the Beatification of this remarkable woman.

Dr. Peter.Iveson.,

Emma Evans,
Please place Queen Katharine amoung the blessed.

Anne Maria McGovern,
Queen Katherine is an inspiration to us all, a woman of immense faith.

Darragh McGovern,
Queen Katherine was King Henry VIII's most formidable opponent due to her faith.

Niamh McGovern,
Catherine of Aragon had a long and hard life, no matter the hard struggles and pains God put to her as a test, she always remained faithful to the Catholicism.


Marshall Kinsey,
I have always been impressed with the life and faith of Queen Catherine in the face of abandonment.

Katharine is a model of fidelity to her vocation as wife, mother, and Queen. I am honored to share her name!

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always admired her fidelity and dedication to her vocation and the Church.

Even in the face of abandonment, isolation, separation from her beloved daughter, and betrayal by her husband, Queen Katharine showed great courage and dignity. Surely, God will bless this saintly woman.

Obiora Gabriel Odo,
A model worthy of emulation.

Liam Farrer,

Catherine Alexis,

Kathleen L Eyles,
I am very familiar with Katherine's story, no one deserves to be Blessed as much as she. She suffered much.

Christine Thornton,
Although she was not beheaded as St. Fisher and St. Moore, Queen Katherine suffered much and longer. She is a modle of loyalty and faith and indead could be a partron for the many wives who have been abandonded after years of faithful marriage. She is a true servant of God and should be so honored.

Laura Johnston,
Queen Catherine is a woman of remarkable courage. She was thrown aside as Queen simply because she produce a female child instead of a male child. She is an example of those who suffer through life because of things that they can not control.


Liesa Gonzalez,

Kyle Bell,
The Good Queen Katharine is an inspiration to all who hold the Catholic faith. In an age where so many marriages are falling apart over spousal infidelity this wonderful Catholic woman can and should serve as a beacon of hope to those whose marriages have been ravaged by this scourge. And much like Blessed John Henry Newman, she can especially be a beacon to English Catholics. I look forward to the day when we can call her "Blessed Katharine of Aragon"!


Christian Wigglesworth,

Elizabeth Lalida,
I take so much research about her story, Katherine ... You are my saint since I read your story. I'm admire for you faith. you are the hope of the wife who was judged in unfair. Oh my Katherine please pray for us.

Katherine Bell,

Jamie Wallace,

John Esteve,
I admire Queen Katherine very much. I believe she was also instrumental in England's decisive victory over the invading Scots. She was a perfect queen except for the inability to provide a male heir. Henry was foolish to divorce her, his pride and lust doomed his soul and severed his beloved England from Mother Church. I pray to God Queen Katherine would at least be deemed blessed and England reunited with Rome.

Living in an age where divorce,separation and infidelity is rampant, we need someone as steadfast as Katherine as a shining example. May the story of her tribulations will be an inspiration to all of us to remain faithful to our marital vows even as we find ourselves forsaken by our loved ones.




Helen Migon,
Too many people today do not respect the Sacrament of Marriage. Queen Catherine of Aragon is an excellent example to us today.

The King's Pleasure brought me to the feet of this courageous woman...now I will start petitioning!

Jeanna Casey,

Eric Giunta,
I have long had a private devotion to this saintly queen; yes, Your Excellencies, devotion to Catherine of Aragon *does* exist! Santo subito!


I have read often of the courage and faith of Catherine of Aragon in many historical accounts. She was always faithful to her marriage vows and to her God. She certainly deserves the recognition of the Church.

Patricia A. Richardson,
Sainthood for this devout Catholic woman is long overdue. With today's desecration of the Sacrament of Marriage we need Queen Katharine as an example for the world.

Ronnie Barajas,
Yes may this cause move quickly. Her mother was a devote women too.

En español es Catalina de Aragón

Pedro Villacorta,

Diego Herrero,

Francisco Javier Reyes,
¡Catalina! ¡Ruega por España también!

Katheryn Gallant,
If anybody deserves beatification, surely she does. Katharine of Aragon, pray for us and for the sanctity of marriage!

Manuel Morillo,
Calalina de Aragón, digna hija de su madre, Isabel la Católica

Paul-Joseph Stines,
Given the adversities set against Christian marriage in our times, we need a saint who stood for the sanctity of marriage and sacrificed so much.

Nancy Ann Nayar,

José-Manuel Zubicoa Bayón,
Necesditamos el ejemplo y la intercesión de Catalina de Aragón por los matrimonios y por la unión de los cristianos con la direción del sucesor de san Pedro, por eso es necesario de sea proclamada santa.

kimberley wilson,

Karen D\'Anselmi,
I, too, believe that she is a saint!

The question isn't does Queen Katharine have a devoted following, the question is, who isn't devoted to her?

Teresa Larios,
I have been inspired by Queen Katharine's faith since I first learned about her when I was only nine years old. I am still devoted to her and support her cause.

Christopher Lee,
She is certainly a model servant of God. Her belief in the sanctity of marriage is without doubt an example for all. May she be declared a Saint.

Enrique García-Máiquez,

Rev. Douglas K. Clark, STL,
As a student of Catherine's life for some 40 years and as a Catholic priest for 35 of those years, I sincerely believe that Catharine of Aragon in s saint.

Christina Fields,
There is no question that Queen Katharine is living amongst the saints and angels in heaven. I pray that the church will believe this to be true.


Francisco Manuel Mirón y Ruiz,
This is the real love, this is the real marriage, this is the real sacrament instituted by Christ and recognized by the Church; she suffered whatever kind of pains and strikes for her defendinf of the real Catholic teaching, and was finally recognized by His Holiness as the only legitimate spouse of the king of England. This is our Faith; this is the Faith of the Church, which we are glorious to profess in Christ-Jesus.

Malcolm Garstin,


Mª Elena Mellado Pérez,
Loyal, humble, intelligent, good, kind, tender, loving mother and loving wife of a man who did not deserve it and especially loves her faith.

God save the Queen Catherine!!!!
Dios salve a la Reina Catalina!!!

Jordan Summers,

Darwin U. Quitan,
No words can express the admiration i feel towards her.

Viva la Reina Catalina!!!!

Manuel Aragon Jr.,

Lynn Frederick,
Certainly this holy woman who suffered so much can be (and is!) a model for all those who suffer yet strive to be faithful to God.

In an age where the sacrament of Matrimony has been diminished, Queen Catherine shines as a brilliant light. She has always had my mother and I's support. Anyone who lived with Henry VIII as a husband for all of those years deserves sainthood.

Deacon Michael Missaggia,
My favorite saint is Thomas More. Catherine suffered much but keep her faith

Dr Michael Evans, Catholic bishop of East Anglia,a great promoter of the Oscar Romero cause, has just died,RIP. Try Peterborough Holy Souls RC Parish too. Peterborough Cathedral was a Benedictine monastery when she was buried, but it became an Anglican c 1540;any commemoration of her wd be very recent

Jesse Ware,
I would love to see Queen Katherine's cause for canonization continued.

Patricia M. Baldwin,
should become the patron saint to those whose spouses have abandoned them for another. Needed in these times with the high incidents of divorce.

Yes! Katherine of Aragon should be considered for Sainthood in the Catholic Church! She suffered a martyrdom in her heart and soul with her treatment under Henry VIII.

Joseph Tevington,
Queen Katherine of Aragon would certainly seem like an ideal patron saint for victims of spousal abandonment.

She gave perfect example of living your faith, no matter what the cost. Queen Katharine, pray for us.

Mary Clinton,
As a practising Catholic I recognise the strength and depth of her faith. I believe that she is an exampla to all "grass widows". Sweet Queen Katherine, pray for us all.


Janet O\'Connor,
I watched a PBS series in the early seventies on Henry and his 6 wives, but I am all in favor of the cause of Queen Katherine of Aragon and her only Catholic daughter Princess Mary who I read a book about. These 2 women are Heroes in a Protestant Great Britain. I will also ask for her prayers if she is raised to the altars as a Saint.

Thank you for having started the process of canonization for Katharine of Aragon. I too think she is, by her brave stand for her Roman Catholic Faith in face of divorce, contemps, humiliations and her adorable behavior, deserving of such a title.

I read the article in Our Sunday Visitor about this cause. I'd always wondered why she wasn't a saint. She could be a patron saint for Catholic marriage. I also have a beloved husband who has left the Church, and I will certainly seek her prayers!

Have just finished Giles Tremlett's book and by coincidence read the OSV piece. Katharine's witness was unquestionably that of a martyr. She models the behaviour which Christians of all time, beginning with Christ, should adopt faced when evil is enthroned: strategic, forthright, determined, steadfast -- but never resorting to violence or the rage of victimhood. She seeks to conquer evil with lovwe. Congratulations on the site and for initiating this campaign, and for your thoughtful paper. Although I have never before supported a petition for beginning a Cause, I do so gladly now.

Kristopher A. Boushie,
I just read the OSV article on Katharine's cause for sainthood - following a biography on Henry VIII. She was a saint just to want to stay married to him.


Courtney Krolczyk,


Juliana Fisher,

Kerri Polce,
Queen Katharine is such a shining example of truly living for the the vocation and sanctity of marriage. We need more saints like her. Queen Katharine, pray for us!


Norma Perez,


Ilona Acerno,
After reading extensively about Queen Catherine's life and suffering, I was very impressed by her piety, patience and perseverance. I pray that she will be counted among the Blessed!


Maria Conwell, MD,
God bless this cause and recognize good Queen Katharine for her charity, faithfulness and courage.

Leigh Wakefield,
Queen Katharine deserves to be recognised for all the courageous and admirable work she had done during her lifetime, and yet she still inspires and is adored by many people even to this day! She was an amazing lady!

Elena Mellado,
Katherine was a universal symbol of resignation and piety. Educated woman, good wife, dear mother, great queen, a pious and good woman with the most needy who always helped and that was always true to his faith, above all things.

Long live the Queen Katherine and god rest his soul.

Daniel Bennett Page,

M holly maio,

Laura Granda,
May the Lord keep us among the blessed souls as the one of yours, Queen Catalina de Aragón!

D.Luis Armando Romero H. Othon Navar de Comyn,

I feel Katharine deserves every saintly honor. She held on to her faith until the very end, no matter what was placed before her. She is definitely one of my heroes and role models

I could only hope to be half the person that Katherine was. May God keep her in his loving arms forever.

Br. Fernando Paul J. Castro,
I hope that she will be canonized by the Church soon..

Ronald Sokol,
I have always been fascinated in Queen Catherine Of Aragon. I always thought she was a saint. I could never understand why she wasn't,and why no one wasn't doing anything about pushing for her cause for sainthood. I have always thought she was a,remarkable, fascinating, interesting, unique,saintly woman.Her husband King Henry VIII was such a pig and such a asshole. For what he did to England,and to the people of England, and to the shrines of the Saints Of England, he should burn in the lowest pits of Hell(And I'm sure he is). If a Cause is started for sainthood for Queen Catherine Of Aragon, I would most certainly pray to her.Could you please keep me posted about the progress as it is made? I would so very appreciate this. Thank You. I'd written before, but my old E-mail address is no longer working. This is my E-mail address now.

Shirley Stoneburg,
Being a lifelong student of history, and being a woman, I have tended to look for admirable female figures to inspire me. Queen Katherine of Aragon certainly qualifies! Her unswerving devotion to God, her loving loyalty to her marriage vows and the dreadful husband who spurned her, the fearless defense of their daughter's honest rights, and for the affection she inspired amongst the English people makes her one of the finest role models for women that ever lived.

Miguel Caceres,
my name is Miguel, I'm mexican i believe in the Good Queen Katharine like a martir and a saint wife, mother and woman... she was a good girl persued for terrible powers and ambicious, but i believe that She is in th heaven with Good Our Lord, the Queen is a example of pacience, fortress and faith in Lord.
I pray for her cause...

Josue Pedraza,

Valentin R. Dominguez,
Catherine of Aragon is deserving of sainthood due to the suffering that she was subjected to for being a faithful daughter of the church. Although not formally killed, her life was obviously shortened due to mistreatment for maintaining her convictions.
This was an exceptional woman and is deserving of the proper recognition by the church for her fidelity to the Catholic cause in England.

Elean Varney,


Joseph G. Phelps,



Linda stockstill,
We could all learn from this worthy lady.

Ivan Mark Dzhur,
May Good Lord bless you work towards beatification process of Holy Queen Catherine of Aragon! She was a great woman, devoted mother and true Catholic. May she intercede for us at Heavenly Throne.

Dennis Mifsud S.Th.Dip.,BA(Hons)Th.,CKK.,

Jennifer Gadway,
If there was ever an example of piety and humility, it was katherine of Aragon. My great wish is that she be given at least the title of Blessed in the Roman Catholic Church that she was so devoted to.

Carlos Sanchez,
Being myself from Spain, I feel ashamed for not knowing about this woman before reading about her in this site. I'm quite impressed about how this Queen stood firmly in his faith and loyalty even when she was stripped out of all the things she loved. She didn't have a quick and bloody death, indeed, but her martyrdom was slow and quiet, killing her a bit more every day.

She truly deservers to be recognized as an example of faith and strength for every Christian around the world.

Now that I'm living in the UK for a while, I think I'll have to visit her tomb as soon as I have the option to do so.

Blessed Katharine the Queen, faithful and loyal. True wife, true Queen and true Catholic.

Peter Bridgman,
A very worthwhile cause. I wish you every success.

Rev Dr Bernard Mulcahy, OP,

Debi Hall,
Queen Katherine of Aragon endured all that was set before her bravely; hardships unimaginable to us in our time, for the sake of her unwavering faith in the Lord. She should be honored for her example.

Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam

Lea Hyland,

Carol Pineda,

Mark Turner,
Dios salve Santa Reina Catalina

Linda M. Walsh,
I have read a lot about Katherine of Aragon, and she seemed to be a very good, holy woman. The Catholic Church should start proceedings on making her a Saint very soon.


Christina Amari,
Katharine is a shining example of a holy woman. Her virtue was astounding. I have begun to pray to her to intercede w me. Her whole being was consumed by her love for Christ and His holy church. what an example!!!!!!!!

Christian Maribona,

Mary Stettner,
Katharine's faith inspires me and I would gladly take her name as mine upon my confirmation if the Catholic Church would recognize her as a saint.

Veronica Fantaccione,
Katherine of Aragon is a very good example of a holy person; her faith has helped strengthen mine and i hope the Catholic Church does recognize her as a saint.

Kathy Bonilla,


Christopher Lewis,

Amy Mattus,
After reading a book about Queen Katherine I was surprised that my Internet search revealed she was not a saint.


A loyal and holy woman


Simon Garrett,

Wina Basister,

Frazer Bellfield,
Katharine of Aragon is a true inspiritation to all Catholics. She may not have been martyred like so many of her day- but I truely believe she suffered a bloodless martyrdom for the Catholic church in England and also for the institution of holy matrimony. I have recieved many graces from her!


Warren Aspin-Gower,

Anthony von Meyers,
I am so glad to find this webste

I am not a Catholic, but I agree that Queen Catherine did live a good holy life and that she deserves the to be Blessed at least.

Matthew Connor,
Always wanted to see her canonized for her steadfast faith

Sandra Embry,
I think if he knew of her entire situation, which he probably did, St. Thomas More would say she was surely a saint.


Jan R. Mickiewicz,
A much needed patron saint of the holy matrimony as we face violent attacks on marriage.


Beloved Saint Quene.

Steven O\'Connor,
She was a brave and remarkable woman. I named my daughter, Katharine, in her honor.


Kerry Richard Tattersall,
I have admired and sympathised with Queen Catherine since my childhood. She is a shining model of a Christian queen and loyal wife; a constant and faithful Catholic, brave, mild and loving.

What a wonderful example of faith in the face of adversity. It is certainly time that the Catholic church recognies this.

Amy Spieler,
She would be a wonderful patron for those betrayed in marriage.

Brian Tyler Roark,
God bless st. Catherine of Aragon .

Albert Hodges,
God bless you and this holy work!

Marie Delgado Travis,
Despite her husband's power, Queen Catherine never waivered in her religious convictions. Her name should be included among the saints, especially with St. John Fisher and St. Thomas More. While she was not martyred physically, the psychological torture she received only brought her closer to God.


Alexander Saunders,
Katherine of Aragon died in relative poverty of an illness caused by her surroundings. She was psychologically tortured by Henry VIII and his sycophants and never wavered in her faith. It was her faith, and her daughter, that kept her going.

Contemporaries, and friends, of Katherine, such as the Blessed Margaret Pole, Saint John Fisher, and Saint Thomas More have rightfully received recognition from the Catholic Church.

Katherine deserves recognition, she died like a martyr in Catholic faith for the sanctity of marriage.

carol pineda,

Richard Aleman,
As a Catholic and Spaniard I pray your efforts will reach the ears of the local Church.

Judy Shea,

I have always been fascinated by her life story.Katharine of Aragon's faith should be an example to us all, especially those who know what it feels like to be utterly betrayed. i think about her often whenever i see or read anything dealing with the Tudor dynasty. i want to help her cause.

Caitlin Koransky,
Catherine seemed to have lived such an exemplary life. One of the many reasons I came back to my Catholic faith was hearing her story of piety and faith in the face of much adversity.

I pray that one day Queen Katherine would be raised to the altars, and counted among His Saints.

Michelle Fuhlbohm-Wylde,
Queen Catherine's prayers for my petitions have been at the heart of many miracles in my life. I find her prayers a consolation. She is truly a saint of heroic virtue.

Alysson Reese,
Even as a child, I have been drawn to Katherine of Aragon, and I'm from Memphis, Tennessee. She is called "Queen Militant," from her daring and courageous horseback ride as an expectant mother to rally her husband's people and save England in his stead. She is also a spiritual "Queen Militant" for God, having been martyred by Henry's neglect and design on killing Catholicism in England, which broke her heart, as her faith and outward living of Christ's love, forgiveness, and mercy was apparent for all to see. Even though she is not yet a saint, I pray to her for intercession. I fervently believe she is a SAINT!! I will pray for her cause!

Thomas Sullivan,
I have prayed for Queen Katharine's intercession every day for the past 10 years with regards to the protection of marriage in society and for married couples in my own family. She would be a great patroness of marriage.

It is really unbeleivable how i discovered about Katherine of Aragon and her life...a queen i had never heard of nor knew about...
she 'deserves' to be recognised.

bro. Marek, fsc,
I will pray for her canonisation

Melissa Wilcox,
God bless Queen Catherine, a woman who bore humiliation with grace. I agree with Thomas in regards to the protection of marriage, she would indeed be a wonderful patroness.


Thank you for working on this. She certainly is a model to me in regards to piety and loyalty to marriage.

Christine Niles,

Vida R Tavakoli,
Queen Katherine if you are proclaimed Blessed, Ora pro nobis! And pray for the sanctity of marriage and the unity of all Christians.

Caroline Cunningham,
Katherine was a wonderful woman and her treatment was so very wrong. This is so right. A just acknowledgement of Katherine.... at last.

mike vasquez,
a great saint of Formerly Catholic England, ,Our Ladys dowry

T Carole LaChance1,
Good Queen Katharine, you suffered the pain of rejection and came to peace with Jesus our crucified savior. Pray for us before the throne of God.

David Egan Evans,
Her tribulation under Henry, her faithful adherence to her Catholic faith, is an example to live by. Her faith has inspired innumerable Christians. She should be considered among the Blessed.

Caryn Schmidt,
I have long wondered why this noble queen has never been listed in the canon of the saints. Surely her grace and adherence to the rightness of her cause, and her faithfulness to the Church, is as inspiring as Saint Thomas More and Saint John Fisher, as well as the other martyrs of England. The fact that she did was not executed for the faith does not indicate that she was not willing to do so.

samith Ahmed,
She was truly a model of faith, perseverance, humility and honor. RIP


Arthur Bousfield,

Christopher Alexander Eaton,
This woman is an inspiration to both men and women. She was a true and faithful servant of God and her people. She is and always will be a model of my faith and if ever someone deserved Sainthood it is her Gracious Majesty Queen Katherine of England.

Louise Le Mottee,
Katharine is a model for all people who have been abandoned by their spouse and for all Catholics who are tempted by the world to give up their Faith.

José Antonio Martínez Cortijo,
I read a lot and followed the life of Catherine of Aragon, was not only a great queen, intelligent, loved by his people, a good counselor, always helping the needy and bringing humanism to England, as well as girls' schools and other advances. In divorce proceedings, showed the virtues worthy of a saint, defended the Catholic Church but with dignity all times, kept his faith, if falling into pride, knowing forgive all those who acted against it, praying even in the same deathbed forgiveness for the king, and all who were offended. Being even a martyr of the Catholic Church against the reformist church.

Daniel Kumar,


Terry Raymond Lynch,

Albert Edward Doskey,
She is in a line of saintly royal women; her mother clearly a saint, and her daughter perhaps as well. She stood firm on the sanctity of marriage and the authority of Rome against the humiliations inflicted more and more upon her.

Tracy B Hummel,

John Dill,
If ever there was a case for canonisation that is long overdue for promotion to sainthood it must be that of Queen Katharine. She bore her suffering with heroic fortitude and upheld the Christian understanding of the indissolubility of holy matrimony.

I believe God may have used her story to help prompt me to convert to the Catholic Church. I saw her as a role model.

Ashley Sisco,

Cyril John Bernardo y Mateo,

Fr Alexander Lane,

Peter Nordlund,

Mary Nordlund,

Katherine's stance on the sanctity of marriage is a much needed example of witness against the scourge of divorce that plagues society.

Liesa Gonzalez,

James Stewart,
I believe Katherine would have died in a state of Grace, and can now be a powerful figure in the restoration of England.

Asking for the intercession of Catherine of Aragon, and praying that God our Father may glorify her as a saint of the Church in Heaven, for her unconditional Christian love of her husband and her enemies in fidelity to the Love of His only-begotten Son, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

This poor woman suffered so much and saw her religion wiped out in England, yet remained ever true to her Faith.

Queen Catherine, pray for us

Fr Simon Firth,
A great queen who lived a white martyrdom in prayer and with tears.

Ian Faricy,

Ned Shanahan,

angela mcdermott,

Katie Shaw,

jessica mendoza,
I believe that Catherine of Aragon has the great potential to inspire many catholics through the way she lived her life and chose to follow God through the catholic church even though there were many preassures against her. Her sufferings were great and has been a true role model for myself.

Paul Punnoose,
a great martyr!

Stephanie Sayers,
Like many people in her own time I too believe she is worthy of sainthood, a white martyr at least. She remained faithful after having suffered and endured so much. Yet was merciful to her enemies including Anne Boleyn.

A holy and long-suffering woman, a model of patience. God have mercy on her soul, and may she be found worthy of canonization!

Gerald Philip Price,
A most worthy cause including the promotion of Marriage and the benefits it would bring to so many children and their parents.

Alun Rowland,
God bless her and her likewise holy daughter, Good Queen Mary. A good example and saintly inspiration for the current crisis in Church and the eternal crisis in the world.

I read somewhere that when she died her heart was examined and showed signs of her having been poisoned. I'll try and find it for you. After all, it is evidence.

John Price,

Vineeth V George,
I think she was an extremely beautiful person at heart and above all she was a beautiful Christian who loved Jesus in the most beautiful way possible

Kristine Barrett,
Katharine was a great example for all of us that peace doesn't come from outside of us, but inside with Christ. Her defense of the sanctity of marriage is truly an example for every Catholic.

Santiago Ramírez Ezpeleta,
I always thought that Queen Katharine is an example of bravery and fidelity to God and the Catholic Church.

I hope she is elevated to sainthood so that all may give her due honor. Who could have known a more patient queen filled with dignity and humility? She loved her husband, even though he did not deserve it.

She was shamed by him and bore a thousand crosses for the sake of her vows and for love of him. She reproached her nephew, Charles the V, who begged her to only give him the word to launch a battle against Henry, for the sake of the Church.

In light of all this, I was happy to name my daughter Katharine in her honor. Coincidentally, she was baptized on the 16th of December, which is the birth date of Queen Katharine. I personally took that as a sign.


J. Lee Gregory,

I pray that she be raised to the altar. Her patience, faith and trust in God and His will is truly evident. I do agree that her example, defending the Sacrament of Marrige, be our expamlpe today

Alexander Roman,
Holy Queen Katharine of Aragon and of England, pray unto God for us!

Brother Michael Jacob,

John Bell,
I'm a descendent of Mary Boleyn's line. Mary named her daughter after Qeen Katharine. I've spent years studying Theology, and I firmly believe that Qeen Katharine of Aragon is a Saint. I pray that her cause will become recognized by the Church Authority as well.

Neven Pesa,
Santa Subito!

Jakob Knab,
"Catherine always protested that she had remained a virgin. And Henry VIII, her second husband, never personally contradicted her.”
On 18 June 1529 Catherine of Aragon first appeared at the Legatine Court. Campeggio had tried to convince Catherine to take the veil and retreat to a convent.

Revd Dermot Fenlon,

Edmund Patrick Adamus,
This noble Catholic lady is worthy of our veneration as one withstood the white martyrdom of charity. Alongside and in the company of the great saintly King Edward she should be declared a confessor to the truth of the matrimonial covenant.

Sharon Bostock,
I agree,from the bottom of my heart with everything that you lay out in you position paper. Queen Katharine's cause should have been instituted long ago and yes, although not in the formal sense of martyrdom, I believe Queen Katharine was a martyr for her unwavering faith in the face of persecution and to her marriage. I am so pleased to have found your website.


Kim Martin,

Jessica Wojciechowski,
She deserves to be a saint!

Eileen Halbrooks,
Thank you for pleading her cause. All my research confirms her piety and devotion to the church and her sorely misled young husband/king. Her peace and patience are a great lesson for our faith.

David D\'Souza,
thank you for all your work. Let us not forget these wonderful people who came before us.

Kevin E Ash Jr,
I hope and pray for this righteous cause for the pious Queen is truly worthy of such a title

Melanie Reed,
Catherine was a fine example of unwavering obedience to God and her husband under persecution. She has given me courage in my own stand for the restoration of my covenant marriage.

Martin White,


Justin Torrez y Villanueva,
Catherine of Aragon is an exemplary example of unwavering faith, and should be considered a martyr just as Saint Thomas Moore.

An example of Catholic woman, wife, mother and Queen.

Patrick Mulvey,
May she and her mother - two great Queens, be raised to sainhood.

Gabriel Blanchard,
A holy and compassionate soul, a true confessor, and a worthy example to all Christians of patience and love in the midst of unjust suffering. I will pray for her to be canonized.

Kimberly Smith,
Queen Katherine was a woman of great faith and piety. She suffered in this life with the trials of her may sorrows.I blieve she is in heaven praying for all who suffer as well. I support your cause

Kelvin Sun,
I support her. I believe she is in heaven now, she is a shining example of a devoted wife, a pious queen and a genuine Catholic.

Read the accounts of her life, watch the films & read her letters, she was able to identify her true vocation in matrimony and had lived throughout her life and through her sufferings premier examples of Lay Heroic Virtues of Fortitude, Perseverance and others with the good God as the center of her life.
A perfect example on how the little choices that we make, in our everyday lives and events will determine our final choice when death come knocking on our door. Catherine of Aragon chooses to bear her sufferings patiently than to cause war & spill blood just for her sake & convenience from which most of us would have chosen otherwise even to the point of committing a mortal sin just to relive ourselves of the pain and suffering inflicted on us.

She suffered for committed love, God and what was right.

JE Howard,
A woman noted in her lifetime for her piety and charity, she died of the consequences of being imprisoned for upholding the sanctity of marriage and the authority of the Pope. Open and shut case, really.

Phillip Goldsmith,
As a Catholic in the Diocese of East Anglia I support this cause

Fr John Thompson-Vear,
Long overdue - a sure catalyst to the conversion of England

Rev. Charles Byrd,
She is an icon for marriage, long-suffering faithfulness, and Christian unity. If Queen Katharine isn't in heaven, then we're all doomed.


If anyone deserves recognition for suffering in the name of faith, it is Queen Katherine.

Cole Webb Harter,

Amen Go,

Susan Storey,
I support this most worthy cause recognizing Katherine of Aragon's great and steadfast faith in the teaching of the Apostles . Susan Storey ofs

Fr. Lee Barrett,
A long overdue cause.

Linnea Esberg,
If Thomas More is Saint so should she be

adrian Murphy,
I fully support this cause



Maureen Baldrey,

Louise Baldrey,

Derek Ruff,

Mary Cox,

Mike Baldrey,

Anna Ruff, Charlotte Ruff, Ben Ruff, Joseph Ruff, Emily Ruff,

Amanda Blackall,

Juan Carlos Arreola,
A perfect example of faith.

Clive Walton,
She should become the Patron Saint of Marriage.As a recent convert to the true faith,my whole view of English history that I was taught at school has been revised.She is enormously inspiring.England's present troubles will not be overcome until it returns to its Catholic roots.The most wronged woman in Christendom.

Pam Mcnally,

As one who has been abandoned by my spouse, Katherine has been a great witness and example to me of fidelity to the sacrament of marriage.

Joan Burns,
She is a superior example for abandoned spouses and the defense of matrimony in a culture that has debased it.

After all that she's been through, she deserves to be sainted. Our Lady of Walsingham, pray that this servant of yours may be raised to the altars.

Frederick L Zuti,
Although not a Catholic, I hold deep love of the Church. I do have English blood in my veins, and I feel Queen Katharine should be honored. I will pray for her.

O pious Queen Katharine, pray for us!

Patricia Anne Tracey,

Norma Angelica Maya Garcia,
Me ha impresionado tanto su historia de vida, sufrio de manera heroica los sufrimientos de Cristo que llevaba ocultos en su cuerpo, para mi es un ejemplo de fidelidad al esposo y al papa y a Dios.

Rev. Dana R. Christensen,

Lewis-James Mordue,
Her cause is long overdue!

Michael Carroll,
It is now time that this saintly woman was elevated to Servant of God to start the Canonisation process...

Bede Shipps, O.P.,
Katharine of Aragon displayed heroic virtue through many changes of fortune, was a faithful daughter of the Church and patroness of learning, was profoundly devoted to her husband and daughter, had compassion for the poor, and devoted herself to the welfare of her adopted people. I gladly endorse advancing her cause.

I have read much about her life. She exemplifies heroic virtue. I believe she is a saint.

Bill Buerger,


Mary Julien Crew,
She suffered so much but never lost her faith in her God or her King. What a blessed example to women who are rejected by their husbands.

Of course I'm in. I support the process of the blessed Queen Katharine of Aragon, she was a loyal, faithfull and honorable woman who defend the Catolic Church among all the english betrayal. Blessings from Guatemala in Central America

Oh My dear our Lord Jesus and mary our lady will be help the Pope Francis make that queen katheine a saint and iam happay to be a canadian to support it as my miracle when I visted her tomb in 2001.

Isabella Ilich.

Heinrich Hoffmann,
As a catholic (and monarchist) from Germany I most warmly support the cause!


La Princesa Catalina de Aragon era una mujer muy buena - pura y incorruptible.

Como Reina madrilena de Inglaterra, ella cambio la historia de ese pais y vivio su vida como ejemplo de Santidad.

As Queen of England, model wife, sister, mother, Aunt to an Emperor......she displayed virtues most admirable and desirable in any human being and acted as role model for her times.
She deserves long overdue recognition for the manner in which she conducted herself as queen consort to that dreadful excuse of a King - a man who had once been accorded the title of Fidei Defensor.

By all means.......please add my name and note my strong desire to participate in this very worthy cause............in pursuit of a Blessed Katherine

Francis Young,
John Aubrey reported a miraculous cure at Queen Katharine's tomb in Peterborough Cathedral in 1696. She should certainly number among the confessors if not the martyrs.

I am not Catholic, but Katherine of Aragon strikes me as a very saintly person, of which I know none more so in history not already so honored. I know the idea is to determine if she is indeed at the altar in heaven, but sounds like a worthy cause to me.


Christopher De Francis,
I have a devotion to Katharine of Aragon. I pray for her intercession- especially in times of tyrannical governments. I look forward to the day that Katharine is recognized as a Saint in the Holy Church.

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